Smart app review insights

Apply Human Learning to your app reviews to increase ratings, retention, and revenue.


The cost of unhappy users. They use your app and aren’t satisfied. They leave a one-star review with feature requests and bugs. They grow frustrated and then leave for the competition.


Imagine if you could measure user feedback and address issues before it's too late. How much higher would your app rating climb? How many less users would leave each month? How much more money would your app make?


Who is analyzing your app reviews each day and spotting trends? That's what we're here for! Reach out to see how we can help your company.


Spot trending issues before they impact your churn and revenue.

Less 1-star and more 5-star reviews.

Data-backed confidence in which features and bugs to prioritize.

Measure how users respond to app updates to keep track of product wins and room for improvement.


Popular Apps

Save hours of time categorizing user complaints each week. Let us analyze your app reviews for insights. Spend your limited time solving high impact issues to make your users happy.

Publishers with many Apps

We spot weaknesses and new opportunities using your competitors’ app reviews. Let us do the grunt work of a competitive analysis before you ship a new app.

ASO and Mobile Marketing Agencies

We help agencies increase their revenue by providing an “Add-On” service for their clients. Reports are customized to your agency needs.